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I’m an Economist in Los Angeles. I’m currently obtaining my PhD in economics from UCLA, where my research interests are in Labor, IO, and Econometrics. This site is mostly “for fun”, a website I built when I was working in data science and leading several mentorship type groups during the pandemic to help folks in career transitions and to do ad hoc data volunteer work various organizations. Soon, I will launch a formal academic website and include sections pertaining to my research and teaching / tutoring, as well as sections about mentorship and olympic weightlifting, as I am serving as the UCLA Olympic Weightlifting coach during my PhD.


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Aug 2, 2021

Two Months of Virtual FAANGMULA DS Interviews

During the Spring and Summer of 2021, I interviewed at four FAANGMULA companies for L5 or L6 data science positions. In addition to interviewing dozens of candidates at my previous firm, I learned a lot during the ~2 month process of interviewing, connecting with recruiters, completing take home tests, and networking to learn more about the positions. Informally, this information has been useful to folks that I’ve chatted with; I’m informally mentoring some aspiring data scientists, and work with undergrads in DS or Stats or CS programs to help them get an understanding of the industry, and so far the interview process especially at top companies has been very mysterious to them. Read more

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